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John Madden

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John Madden, State Sector Coordinator

In his ten years in state service from 2005 to 2015, he served three Alaskan governors as Homeland Security Advisor and two of these as the Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. He led the state’s efforts to create and sustain a posture of preparedness, enabling a swift, coordinated response, ensuring an immediate, comprehensive recovery. He extended the preparedness for a wide range of natural hazards and human threats across his vast state and diverse population. He oversaw the response to and recovery from more than forty declared disasters including floods, fires, typhoons, earthquakes, and more.
He was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in state appropriations, federal grants, and in kind donations and contributions. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Alaskan earthquake, he designed and conducted the largest, most complex exercise in the history of the state and one of the largest in the nation. He worked with observers from around the nation and the world including Israel, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Canada, and United Kingdom.
He served all the states through his participation and leadership in the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA). He was a member of all the standing committees, regional Vice President, member of the NEMA Board of Directors, vice chair and chair of the Mitigation Committee (2008-2010), NEMA Vice President (2011-2012), and NEMA President (2012-2013). He developed and led many panel discussions and workshops at NEMA leadership forums on climate change, extreme weather, interdependencies in logistics and supply chains, national preparedness, review of the Deepwater Horizon event, cyber threats.
Mr. Madden also served on the National Mitigation Alliance (Co-chair), Western States Seismic Policy Council (Board of Directors and Vice Chair), the National Governors Association Homeland Security Advisors Council (Executive Council), State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Government Coordinating Council, and the Regional Consortium Coordinating Council (Executive Council).
He served as Co-Chair on the 2010 National Preparedness Task Force and authored many of the recommendations to Congress and the Administration. He served on the National Science Foundation study of the future role and technology of the National Weather Service.
Mr. Madden testified on a dozen occasions before the U. S. Senate and House of Representatives on behalf of Alaska, NEMA, or the National Governors Association. The topics included unmanned aerial systems, Alaska coastal erosion, national preparedness, measuring the effectiveness of national preparedness, tsunami readiness, preparedness in the wake of extreme weather.
Madden began his public service career at seventeen with service in the U.S. Army, including twenty months in Vietnam. After his military service, he joined the U.S. civil service with the Department of the Navy working in program and project management with the Naval Weapons Engineering Support Activity, Naval Electronic Systems Command, and the Joint (Navy/Air Force) Cruise Missile Project Office. After earning his BS (Political Science) from the University of the State of New York, he joined the Department of Energy as a program and policy analyst working on fossil fuels and alternative fuels.
In 1982, he elected to move to Alaska with the National Weather Service and supported its operations throughout Alaska. He next worked for the Alaskan Region of the Federal Aviation Administration as Executive Staff to the Regional Administrator. He also ensured continuity of operations for all FAA operations against all hazards. He supported FEMA in several exercises and served in several Disaster Field Offices, most notably in Puerto Rico and Florida in response to Hurricane Georges. He also served with the Transportation Security Administration as deputy federal security director for Anchorage International Airport and eight other Alaska airports.